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₹4,700.00 Regular Price
₹3,290.00Sale Price

This is 1 grm gold forming jewellery .this jewellery is made up on copper in this jewellery 200ml of gold present .

Make sure these things:

  1. Don't use in hot water
  2. Don't spreay perfume on the product
  3. Don't put it in velvet box .Put it in the plastic bag which we provide you

 Gurrenty of the Product:

  1. product has 1 year gurrenty
  2. there is no gurrenty of damage
  3. if the product colour turn into green from back side then the jewellery is used in hot water or spreay perfume on it or put it in velvet box.If the product is turn green in colour then TANISHA ART JEWELLERY is not responsible for it. 
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