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Traditional Latkan Tops #005

Traditional Latkan Tops #005


Discover elegance with Tanisha Art's exquisite earrings, adorned with delicate latkans and intricate design. Crafted from approximately 75ml of gold, each pair comes with a warranty for enduring polish.

  • Our Promise

    **12 Months Polish Guarantee:** We ensure that your jewelry maintains its shine with our 12-month polish guarantee.

    **M-Gold Mark:** Each piece carries the mark of M-Gold on its back, a symbol of authenticity and quality.

    *This Piece is Not Under Return Policy*

  • How to care your product

    For your safety and the longevity of your jewelry, please note:

    1. **Avoid Hot Water:** To preserve the quality of your jewelry, refrain from exposing it to hot water.

    2. **Avoid Velvet Boxes:** Keep your jewelry away from velvet boxes to prevent tarnishing.

    3. **Perfume Usage:** For optimal preservation, apply body perfume before wearing your jewelry.

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